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You will remember us as the Connecticut Antiques Center, formerly of Canal Street, Stamford. Join us at our new convenient location, just off exit 6 between Stamford and Greenwich on Route I-95. We have a larger building with ample free parking, mere seconds from the exit ramp.

Visit us in our new location at 83 Harvard Avenue in Stamford, Connecticut. We are expanding our business to include a state of the art auction venue, art gallery, antiques center and a brand new day spa that offers manicures, pedicures and more!

You can count on us as always for a tremendous selection of antique & vintage furniture, lighting, art, jewelry and decorative accessories. We have one of the largest selections of vintage, mid-century and antique merchandise in the Fairfield County area. For many years now, Connecticut Antiques Center has been the location of choice for discerning buyers in Fairfield County and the Tri-State area. In our new location, we will be offering all you have come to expect ... and much more.

With a focus on style, quality, and value, we stand out above the rest. Our merchandise is frequently rotated so our customers keep returning to see what's new.

We are now called the GREENWICH CONNECTICUT ANTIQUES CENTER. Our auction schedule will be posted regularly on our new website at and we will be open for our regular business hours Monday to Friday from 10:30 am-5:30 pm, Saturday from 11:00 am to 5:30 and Sunday from 12:00 noon to 5:30 pm

This website shows only recent acquisitions. There is much, much more to see here at the store.

Jansen & Mid-Century Jansen & Mid-Century

Garden & Architectural Garden & Architectural

Antique Furniture Antique Furniture

Pianos, Instruments & Clocks Pianos, Instruments & Clocks

Chandeliers, Lamps & Lighting Chandeliers, Lamps & Lighting

Fine China, Porcelain & Ceramics Fine China, Porcelain & Ceramics

Tabletop, Silver & Crystal Tabletop, Silver & Crystal

Paintings, Sculpture & Fine Art Paintings, Sculpture & Fine Art

Jewelry & Accessories Jewelry & Accessories

Please come to the store to experience our unique combination of New England hospitality, know-how, and experience. We are open seven days a week for your shopping convenience and accept all major credit and debit cards.
Call us during business hours for auction, promotion and holiday schedules.

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